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1.Maximization and development of artistic skills and widen the cultural workers access to the different artistic disciplines, and its benefits in the advancement of their rights, welfare and for the realization of a just and humane society

2.To provide various artistic enhancement workshops and trainings to develop and hone the artistic talents among the formal & informal workers and encourage them to creatively portray their experiences, aspirations and their daily struggles in life;

3.To provide musical, visual and theatrical capacity and confidence through capability trainings and capacity building workshops for members of the local union cultural committees, labor federation cultural committees, urban poor community associations & transport organizations; various cultural organizations, community youth and women artists and other individual performers;

4.To provide popular educational seminars, training discussions and skills enhancement for the cultural worker-members, affiliate organizations and their family ;

5.To provide avenues for collective performances of worker artist and showcase their artworks and actively contribute to their everyday struggles and demands for the protection and advancement of their rights and welfare;

6.Strengthen international solidarity with workers, cultural & peoples organizations through the popular people;s arts and literature and regarding common issues of concern and advocacies.


1. Pagpapaunlad at pagmamaksimisa sa artistiko at makasining na kakayahan, pagpapaunlad ng kapasidad ng mga mangggawang pangkultura sa larangan ng sining at panitkan partkular sa ibat ibang disiplina sa sining at ang mga maibubunga nito para sa pagsusulong ng kanilang karapatan, kagalingan at sa pagkakamit ng isang malaya, makatarungan at makataong lipunan.

2. Pagbibigay ng ibat ibang pagsasanay at palihan para sa pagpapaunlad ng mga talento at kakayahan sa larangan ng sining para sa mga manggagawa at mala-manggagawa, sa pagpapataas ng kanilang kakayahan upang maisalarawan sa pamamagitan ng makasining na pamamaraan ang kanilang pang-araw-araw na karanasan sa kanilang buhay at pakikibaka, gayundin ang kanilan pakikibaka upang mabuhay.

3. Pagbibigay ng kapasidad at kumpyansa sa larangan ng musika at pag-awit, sining biswal at teatro-sayaw at pagarte sa pamamagitan ng mga pagsasanay sa mga kasapi ng mga komite sa kultura ng mga unyon, pederasyon, samahan n mga maralitang taga-lungsod, samahan ng mga driber at operator n pampublikong sasakyan, pangkulturang grupo at organisasyon at mga indibidwal na alagad ng sining

4. Pagbibigay at pagpapalaganap ng mga kursong pangpolitika at pangkultura, pagsasanay at pagpapaunlad ng kakayahan ng mga kasapi at lider ng mga pangkulturang organisasyon at grupo, gayundin ng kanilang mga kapamilya.

5. Pagbibigay ng pagkakataon para sa kolektibong pagtatanghal ng mga obra at likhang sining ng mga mangagawang pangkultura at aktibong maging bahagi ang mga pasisikap na ito sa pagsusulong ng kanilang karaingan, kagalingan at karapatan.





Tambisan sa Sining (Interaction in Arts) started in 1979 through the effort of a group of individuals who collect funds for the workers’ cause by seranading advocates of workers’ rights from the middle section of the society. The amount they have collected were given to workers who were on strike.

In 1980, Tambisan sa Sining was formally established as a cultural group. It envisions to use and interact with the different art disciplines in serving the cause and aspiration of the workers and other deprived sectors of the society. During the martial law period, it serves to awaken, organize and mobilize the workers through different art form. Tambisan has also been a part in the founding of the Kilusang Mayo Uno in that same year.

As such, Tambisan sees itself as part of the larger movement for genuine social transformation in the Philippines. It does education and organizing work among the workers and urban poor people in general for it believes that an enlightened people organized in struggle is fundamental in asserting the people's interests and aspiration.

Tambisan sa Sining had already produced and staged several performances. Notable of which were the production of the following: “Awit, Tula at Kasaysayan” (Songs, Poems and History) toured in key cities of the country.and several cities in Japan; “Kara o Krus” a stage production which tackled the call to boycott the presidential election in 1984; Welga! Welga! (Strike! Strike!); and Mayo Uno ng ating Paglaya (May First of our Freedom), the first progressive production staged at the Cultural Center of the Philippines after Marcos fled the country. All those performances were well received by the workers and other sectors.

In its more than two decades of existence, the Tambisan sa Sining has sucessfully produced and released five albums containing socially relevant songs that inspire not only the Filipino workers but also workers in other countries and their sympathizers. Tambisan continuously composes songs that are truly reflective of the life and struggle of the workers.

The meaning and relevance of the Tambisan sa Sining as a cultural group did not end in stage performances. It also tapped the potential of culturally-inclined workers for the advancement of trade union work by organizing them into cultural groups, assisting the unions to establish cultural committees, providing the workers with the appropriate orientation of the cultural work, and providing training for specialized skills in music and repertory theatre for the workers.

The practice of Tambisan in immersing and working with and for the workers gained positive results as seen in the formation of different cultural groups at the community and factory level. In fact, Tambisan spearheaded the formation of Makabayang Alyansa sa Sining Anakpawis (MASA), an alliance of cultural groups from different sectors including the workers, urban poor and students.

Tambisan sa Sining was also a founding member of SINING, an alliance of cultural groups in Metro Manila and founding member of BUGKOS, the national coordinating body of all cultural groups in the Philippines.

To date, active members of Tambisan sa Sining are manning the four major work areas of the group – organizing, education and training, campaign & advocacy, networking & solidarity.


1. Further strengthening and building of Tambisan sa Sining as a full grown Cultural Mass Organization/Alliance

2. Build a large network of union based cultural committees, and community based cultural mass organizations

3. Take an active role in the Cultural Mass Movement in the Philippines

4. Take an active role in the reaching out of Progressive / Pro-people Cultural Groups & Organizations in the Philippines

5. Build sustainable organization systems and infrastructure for the benefit of the cultural workers

6. Build sustainable organization finance systems, income generating projects to cater to the needs of the mass membership

7. Take an active role in the reaching out of Progressive / Pro-people Cultural Groups & Organizations in the international arena



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25years of Art from & for the toiling masses!

TAMBISAN SA SINING, Inc. is a non-stock, non-profit cultural organization whose members primarily composed of workers, urban poor youth, art students & women and individual artists and affiliate cultural groups & organizations in the Philippines.

For inquires, information, schedules of activities,performances & rehearsals,funding, donations & pledges, campaigns & advocacies, meetings & consultations


The Management Committee
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TELEPHONE : (02) 421-0768 / (02) 421-0986
ORGANIZATIONAL EMAIL : the_tambisansasining@yahoo.com
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